As a city with the highest number of students because of the famous and best campus in this city. Malang as a city of Education, Tourism and Industry which is a barometer of learning places and millennial tourist destinations in Indonesia, with this background we as entertainment venues engaged in the world tourism industry provide space for students to get rid of their fatigue while studying, with special programs which we make for students with the title The Nineversity which in this program we aim to make The Nine Club & KTV a gathering place for all students and students not only to have fun but also to channel their talents in the arts because we will invite them every week as the filler of the event and also the Host in this program

Promo program is a 50% discount on some items that we sell and other promos that can be seen in the promo menu

Music is a part of the life of the millennial generation today with many apps in the app store and google store easier to get the songs we want, both the latest songs or past songs

Every Tuesday we try to provide space for upgrading music collections and introducing new songs both delivered by bands or DJs, so for those of you who want to know what songs are hitz or any new songs that have been remixed with our DJ resident must come every Tuesday at The Nine Club & KTV

Talking about fashion must talk about women or many people associating with the world of glamor, shopping and all things about women, as nightclubs that cannot be separated from the glittering world of fashion and want to provide a special space for women The Nine Club & KTV with the ladies night program where this program is specifically for women. By giving free one bottle to the women who come in in one group and free cocktails for those who come alone

The establishment of The Nine Club & KTV wanted to create a brand that was different from similar outlets in Malang City, but as time went on it did make our place a pioneer as a nightlife venue with the highest number of guests from outside of Malang and abroad. we do it almost every week

As a nightlife venue that is a local business in the region of Malang Raya, we will not forget local talents that are as good as the guest stars that we invite every week because every Thursday we provide a place to appreciate local talents with our programs. headline Localive

Our hope is that with this program there will be a balance and provide more entertainment treats that further encourage local DJs to develop their ability to become part of the entertainment business and as a venue for promotion of local DJs to be able to pursue a broader career through our programs

Hearing the word soundniner must have been ascertained to know that this is a flagship program made intentionally to appreciate the resident talent on The Nine Club & KTV, collaboration of DJs and MCs that we have trying to change the night entertainment connoisseurs paradigm that residents only complement every guest star there is an event held, by carrying out more powerful music according to the existing concept

Saturday night is the time for most people to refresher, The Nine Club & KTV presents an event that is different from other competitors by bringing in guest stars, both bands and DJs from domestic or abroad, with the theme we are trying to provide the nuances and feelings that are always remembered by all who come to spend their Saturday nights

With this title, it must have felt the nuances of the music, in one week we always present the kind of music with the hiphop twrek genre, edm and top 40, on Sunday we want to spoil trance lovers to take part in The Nine Club & KTV

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